Archives software to build your database of legal and historical material - physical & digital - online for public viewing, while managing the workflow from accessioning to requests.
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Give your users "one place to look" for all resources: books, manuals, reports, serials, flip-books, videos, PDF’s, PowerPoints, SharePoint, e-mail. A complete ILS.
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Web-based collections management software (CMS) for a public "virtual museum" as well as for managing storage, preservation, insurance, exhibitions, and more.
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This Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) manages information governance as soon as a document – digital or physical – is filed as a record.
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Our Eloquent WebSuite™ offers four Knowledge Management Software Solutions for complete Information Governance

The four applications in the WebSuite were built with the WebGENCAT Toolkit, a "database of things." They are used as four traditional applications or as one integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Users share a common taxonomy and have "only one place to look" for all their resources – physical & digital assets.

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The software enables knowledge professionals to move with ease from their paper-based environment to digital asset management, utilizing familiar knowledge applications that continue to support all the functionality expected. The software’s modularity combined with just-in-time remote coaching allows clients to “pay as they grow” and remain highly productive along the way.

Records Management Software for SharePoint

Paper & Electronic

End-user Filing

Complete Lifecycle

Disposition with Audit Trail

Eloquent Records™ will manage the entire lifecycle for born-digital documents, including those in SharePoint, from the time they are "declared a record" to their timely disposition, which is managed by Eloquent along with all other record types – paper, scanned, flip books, maps, architectural drawings. Use SharePoint for collaboration (controlling the exchange of a document during its creation) and workflow (controlling the flow of a document from station to station during its creation). The documents can be found by both Eloquent and SharePoint as soon as they are declared a record.

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