Our mission is to give you the very best software system for organizing information about your physical and digital assets so that all stakeholders easily find exactly what they need only one place to look.

It is the vision of Eloquent Systems to provide quality support to knowledge management professionals who work in libraries, archives, museums and records management positions for corporate, government, legal, medical, education and heritage institutions around the world. Our software and services give them the freedom to focus on serving their clients rather than being bogged down with technology issues.

Eloquent Systems is in the business of developing, packaging, selling, installing and supporting application software for the knowledge and heritage market. We integrate the latest of Web-based technology with our powerful, proprietary database software. Software that evolved over 20 years of serving the unique requirements of Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) data structures as well as digital asset management (DAM).

To ensure top quality software and services Eloquent Systems specializes in a single product and keeps it current with modern technology. Our hotline operates with less than 10% utilization to ensure direct access to highly qualified help. We have all the skills required to manage the complete process from software development to end-user support. Our SaaS hosting business gives customers the option of avoiding all technical hassles, while giving Eloquent personnel experience providing 24/7 service.