Product Partners

So, who helps make Eloquent a great choice? Our product partners.

  • Reliable software performance.
  • Professional data security.
  • Many add-on features.

Microsoft Inc.
Eloquent Systems is a Registered Member in the Microsoft Partner Program. As a partner, we have liberal access to much of Microsoft's latest software releases and related technical support. We use it to ensure our software utilizes their latest technology.
Visit the Microsoft Partner Program website

jBASE International
jBASE International provides an important component of Eloquent software. It is particularly valuable because of its stability a feature that makes it popular for banking applications and as a platform for the Software-as-a-Service business. The jBASE software gives the Eloquent WebSuite the unique data handling capability an unlimited number of data fields per record, variable length for fields within a record, and an unlimited number of repeating fields and sub-fields. The jBASE software also stores multi-byte character sets such as Chinese and Arabic, giving all Eloquent applications full Unicode compatibility.
Visit the jBASE International website

Google Inc
Eloquent systems take full advantage of features available form Google. For example, Google Maps to illustrate where database items exist, Google Translate to support the multi-lingual features in Eloquent applications, and Google Analytics to provide usage statistics for online Eloquent databases.

Syndetic Solutions
Syndetic Solutions is the premier provider of specialized, quality bibliographic data to enhance library online catalogs, and is the only company dedicated exclusively to that end. They offer a wealth of descriptive information and cover images relating to all types of books, from juvenile chapter books to conference proceedings. Customers get a seamless link from the Eloquent Librarian software.
Visit the Syndetic Solutions website

Compunet Infotech Inc
Compunet has been managing our computer facilities for over 15 years. They specialize in LANs, WANs, and all Web/Internet operations. They also manage the highly sensitive requirements of the services related to our Software-as-a-Service business.
Visit the Compunet website

SmarttNet Systems Inc
All the servers for the Eloquent SaaS business are located at SmarttNet, one of the most reliable co-location facilities on the continent. They are in a highly secured building with excellent redundant connections to the Internet and backup power supply. Eloquent servers include the latest in Intel and Microsoft reliability. A recent log showed over 400 days uninterrupted operations for our SaaS server.
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