Eloquent Archives Webinar

Every application in the Eloquent WebSuite has the ability to provide you with the tools to promote your valuable resources and connect with the public in a variety of ways. This webinar will use key features of Eloquent Archives™ software to illustrate how an archival institution of any size can expand their social outreach and build their heritage brand.

Topics include:

  • Getting out of the gate running with the help of Eloquent’s easy to use web forms and legacy data import options
  • Capturing your audience’s attention with well-placed links and customized welcome pages
  • Giving your audience instant gratification with easy and relevant search choices
  • Getting your audience to participate with your materials by tagging photographs, leaving comments, and sharing descriptions over Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Discovering and analyzing your audience’s locations and preferences with Google Analytics

[To download a copy of this presentation click here.]