Records Management Software

Information Governance is easy with this EDRMS software.

Paper or electronic, users quickly learn to file with accuracy and search with precision.

This Mobile-Friendly electronic documents and records management system (EDRMS) has all the features expected from traditional time-tested systems for physical records. The SharePoint Hybrid expands the system for collaboration. Governance is ensured with a shared classification and retention system. It supports all types of digital content – business documents, books, artifacts, videos, PDF’s, e-mail, large maps, journals, logbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, websites, and more. Lifecycle Management for ALL Records

  • Manage paper as well as electronic
  • All digital assets presented with browser
  • Request, retrieve & track physical items
  • Retention/disposition for information governance
  • Integrate to SharePoint and other collaboration tools
Run the Eloquent Records™ on your own server or in the Eloquent Cloud. Either way all authorized users get 24/7 access from anywhere on the Internet with any mobile device or their favorite browser.


Base Component

Everything you need to get started!

The base component of the Eloquent Records™ application gives you all you need to file all documents declared as “records”, no matter what media format – physical or electronic. They automatically link to the integrated classification scheme & retention schedule ensuring governance rules apply. Users easily learn to file their own material. The software is mobile-friendly. Any mobile device or desktop browser will find and render all electronic records – audio, video, flip books, large maps & diagrams, e-books, PDFs, SharePoint material, websites, and more. Hard copy can be requested from the records center with an online entry to the database or an automatically populated e-mail addressed to the records center.

A SharePoint Hybrid option is available. Users collaborate with SP while creating a document. When it is completed and “declared a record” it is automatically included in Eloquent, where it is stored with the physical records and all electronic from other sources.

An optional Branch Module simplifies managing an enterprise system from a central site. Branches are autonomous in most respects but share an approved taxonomy. The records department creates virtual folders as required, classifying them accurately. Users file to a manageable choice of folders assigned to their work group.

Optional Modules

Easy to activate when you are ready!
Accession/Deaccession – Storage Management – Tracking & Retrieval – Eloquent-SharePoint Interface – MS Outlook Interface – Branch Control
For more about the modules learn more...

User Reviews

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- Eloquent Records belongs to the Eloquent WebSuite –

Eloquent WebSuite


Global searches; Shared taxonomy

You get the digital asset management (DAM) component with each of the 4 applications in the Eloquent WebSuite. Start with one or more and easily activate the others when you are ready. You can also add modules and increase capacity by simply installing a new license. Start small and pay as you grow.

Only one system to manage. Only one place to look.

- Powered by WebGENCAT –


GEN for “generic”, CAT for “catalog”
Platform for the Mobile-Friendly Eloquent WebSuite

“Database of Things”

Use in the Eloquent Cloud or on any MS Windows server.
- no SQL server or Oracle required –

We ensure a fast start by importing the legacy data you gather from various sources into your Eloquent database, giving you a single portal for all your resources. We use the WebGENCAT Toolkit to custom tailor your application and put it online for your approval – on budget and on time.

The WebGENCAT Platform provides the power to do the following:

  • Organize and catalog to professional time-proven standards
  • Find all the items and precisely the right items anytime with a single search
  • Render all types of digital assets with any popular browser
  • Store, request, find, retrieve, and track physical items
  • Control vocabulary use with common taxonomy – authorized names & subjects
  • Generate printed reports and all forms of electronic output
  • Manage searches and common vocabulary across the applications

Use your favorite browser or a mobile device to find all your resources – documents, books, artifacts, videos, PDF’s, maps, journals, logbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, websites – in the Eloquent Cloud or on your own server.

Whatever your budget, you get the entire WebSuite. Your license key releases the application(s), module(s), and capacity you require.


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