WebGENCAT Toolkit

So, do you want more control?

  • Get the source code for your applications?
  • Support your unique requirements?
  • Have a report generator?
... you will enjoy the WebGENCAT Toolkit

All four applications were built with the WebGENCAT Toolkit. It is also used to maintain the applications and to build new modules. New applications can also be built very quickly with the Toolkit.

People easily learn how to do basic things such as changing report formats or removing data entry prompts for web forms, but it takes months of experience and good analytical skills to utilize all the power in the system.

Customers have the option to purchase the Toolkit and use it in their personal Eloquent Sandbox. With it they get all the source code for their applications and make any changes they desire. They can add data fields, build new web forms for data entry, configure a wide variety of output, create new user groups with their unique menus, and much more.