We take responsible for the project success:

  • Select software needed today and with the ability to grow
  • Analyze legacy data for migration
  • Install software in Eloquent Cloud for set-up & approval phase
  • Provide remote, just-in-time training
  • Partner with professional consultants for on-site support
Protecting our “on-time” and “on budget” reputation.

Our professional services team will review your requirements and propose the best solution. They establish a reasonable implementation plan, outlining the steps of the project and allocating responsibilities. They then coordinate between you, the Eloquent technical people, and any 3rd parties involved to keep the project on schedule. They ensure you are happy with the final results.

Eloquent projects are very cost-effective. We use the powerful WebGENCAT Toolkit and take full advantage of Internet and Web technology. You will be pleased with the speed of implementation and the minimal disruption to your ongoing production.

Services from the Eloquent Professional Services team include the following:

  • Project Management – for best results
  • Data Migration for a fast start
  • Custom Enhancements if required
  • Training for smooth operation
  • Webinars for user group training