You will enjoy using your Eloquent software:

  • Get off to a quick start with just-in-time remote coaching
  • Schedule additional sessions when you are ready to move on
  • Follow online help while using the software
  • Contact the Help Desk for quick answers at any time
  • Access a library of published videos and other material on your own time
You become very productive with the powerful new tools.

There are three levels of training: application operations, application administration, and WebGENCAT toolkit training. The training can be one-on-one or classroom style.

Eloquent is fully equipped to provide product training with Web Conferencing. It usually takes the format of one-on-one coaching as you do productive hands-on work.

The Web training is done as just-in-time one-hour sessions. This gives you time to utilize the knowledge while it is fresh in your mind and schedule the next session for a new topic when you are ready. Customers find this approach the most productive use of their time.