Archives software to build your database of legal and historical material - physical & digital - online for public viewing, while managing the workflow from accessioning to requests.
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Give your users "one place to look" for all resources: books, manuals, reports, serials, flip-books, videos, PDF’s, PowerPoints, SharePoint, e-mail. A complete ILS.
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Web-based collections management software (CMS) for a public "virtual museum" as well as for managing storage, preservation, insurance, exhibitions, and more.
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This Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) manages information governance as soon as a document – digital or physical – is filed as a record.
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Eloquent WebSuite


Only one system to manage. Only one place to look.

The Eloquent WebSuite lets you comply with the professional standards for each application, while giving users a single access portal for all their resources.

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Platform for the Eloquent WebSuite


WebGENCAT (GEN for generic; CAT for catalog) is designed to catalog things so they are easy to find. Each profession has evolved their own terminology for what they do: catalog, describe, inventory, classify – but the prime objective for all is to make things easy to find and manage.

Users want a single portal – only one place to look; not a confusion of many silos of information. A search of their organization’s holdings should give them everything, but not too much. They do not have time to wade through irrelevant material.

You can give users a single system for everything – digital and physical; public and highly confidential. The WebGENCAT Toolkit provides the ability to custom tailor the application to your unique operation – support your legacy data, satisfy your workflow, restrict access by user group.


Knowledge professionals need software that can:
Find all the items and precisely the right items
Render all digital content with any mobile device or browser
Store, request, find, retrieve, and track physical items
Control vocabulary with common taxonomy – authorized names & subjects
Generate printed reports and all forms of electronic output
Search across the applications, giving users a single portal

Use your mobile device or favorite browser to find all your resources – documents, books, artifacts, videos, PDF’s, maps, journals, logbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, websites – in the Eloquent Cloud or on your own server.

Whatever your budget, you get the entire WebSuite. Your license key releases the application(s), module(s), and capacity you require.

Learn more about the Eloquent WebSuite and advanced technology in every Eloquent application.


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- NEWS & PR -

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University selects Eloquent for Mobile-Friendly access into Archives

The public can use a mobile device or any browser to explore the rich history of aviation as recorded and digitized by this university that grew out of a company co-founded in 1925 by a barn-storming pilot. Today it is a world leader in aviation and aeronautical higher education.

Vancouver, BC - July 19, 2016. Eloquent Systems Inc is pleased to announce that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has upgraded their Eloquent Archives™ software to the new version which supports mobile devices as well as all popular browsers. With the new software their archival holdings become an integral part of their university website.

The historical records of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's three campuses-Daytona Beach, Fla., Prescott, Ariz., and the Worldwide Campus-plus all of its ... read the entire blog ...

Palmer College of Chiropractic selects Eloquent Systems for Mobile-Friendly access to Archival Holdings

The public can use any browser or mobile device to find all types of digital content in the archives of the Palmer College - founded in 1897 by the discoverer of chiropractic.

Vancouver, BC - July 12, 2016. Eloquent Systems Inc is pleased to announce that the Palmer College of Chiropractic has upgraded their Eloquent Archives™ software to the new mobile-friendly version which supports mobile devices as well as all popular browsers.

In many ways, the early history of chiropractic is the history of three generations of Palmers. ... read the entire blog ...

Football Stadium Celebrated with Historical Timeline

The City of Regina Archives contains memories going back to the 1880's. Their Eloquent Archives software automatically publishes & updates a Historical Timeline available to the public. This a great way to promote an organization’s rich history and to introduce their archives to the public. The timeline has links back into the database.

read the entire blog ...

School Archives went from dusty boxes to Mobile Devices

The Director of Advancement describes how he found the rich historical archives in dusty places and is making them available to any browser or mobile device.

read the entire blog ...

Newfoundland Archives go Public with Eloquent Mobile

The Rooms is the first customer to go public with Eloquent Mobile software, expanding access to the rich cultural heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.

read the entire blog ...

Eloquent Systems releases Mobile-Friendly WebGENCAT 7.1

The major advancement in the Version 7.1 product line is the Mobile-Friendly access for all applications - archives, library, museum, records. Responsive design enables a single version to be used on all devices. It simply reformats the output to fit the viewing screen, making everything easy to read and navigate. Several customers who have already gone public with this release are very pleased with how easy it is to use and to personalize, providing a seamless interface to their website.

August 22, 2016 – Vancouver, BC – Eloquent Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 7.1 of the entire Eloquent product line. Eloquent customers find creative uses for mobile no matter which application they have. It is more than public access. Their own users find what they are looking for – even physical items in storage. Carry reports and listings without going to paper ... read the entire blog ...

Streaming PDF, Video, Audio - no more long downloads

Every Eloquent database can include all types of digital content. Users find it with any Internet browser or mobile device.

Do your users complain about the time it takes to download the digital content in your databases? You can solve that by storing them so they will stream.

Your users should find it very intuitive. They already use the tools when searching the Internet. They do not need to download any software.

In your Eloquent database you will probably have only one digital object on a page along with a lot of descriptive information. This blog shows many samples so you can imagine what your users will see. read the entire blog ...

WebGENCAT - the "database of things"

WebGENCAT is derived from GEN for “generic” and CAT for “catalog”. It is the core of all Eloquent software.

All Eloquent WebSuite applications have a catalog of valuable things that people want to keep for a long time. Things that are worth organizing and cataloging so they will be easy to find. When people search an Eloquent database they expect to find everything about the specific topic. They need precision searching. It is not like Googling for something and getting millions of hits, most not relevant. read the entire blog ...

View large maps with any browser

Include your large maps and architectural drawings with all your other digital assets. They will display quickly, zoom in or out, and move to different areas of the image to expose detail. No lengthy downloads. Eloquent’s server-side JPEG2000 software makes this easy on your desktop as well as mobile device. Try it yourself. Go to this blog for a link to a sample map.

Searching by Keyword with Eloquent Mobile

A keyword search can be very precise. You are not overwhelmed with irrelevant results. Eloquent Mobile makes a word search convenient on your phone as well as desktop. During implementation, the Keyword prompt is custom tailored to include as many data fields as you wish, even the full text of an attached document. (Caution: full text is usually not very precise.) A word search can be used in several search prompts (access points) in any of the Eloquent applications - Archives, Library, Museum, or Records. See Blog for examples

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